031 – Creating KidSmart Spaces with Magalie René-Hayes

Magalie René-Hayes creates beautiful spaces for a better world. She takes a unique approach to design that combines holistic ideas, scientific research, and social-good to create spaces that improve lives. Magalie is founder of Kid-Smart Spaces™, helping parents and educators inspire smarter, happier, healthier children, and a speaker on topics including interior design, personal growth, transitioning careers, school design, and creating a balanced home.
In 2008, Magalie leveraged 15 years of project management, marketing, and design experience to segue to the non-profit world at philanthropic powerhouse, The Ford Foundation. Inspired by their headquarters in one of New York City’s oldest green buildings (designed by renowned architect Kevin Roche), she launched Kid-Smart Spaces in 2012 and has been transforming learning spaces ever since.
Magalie works on a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional projects in the New York Tri-State area, Los Angeles, and Arizona. She has been featured in Dr. Oz The Good Life and Good Housekeeping magazines.

[2:49] Magalie’s Journey on how she got into Kid-Smart Spaces™

[5:42] Why is the design of classroom is so important for kids in learning?

[6:31] How does the well organize classroom or well designed classroom lend itself to create more joy?

[9:35] Increasing learning capacity with plants

[11:36] Magalie’s 3-minute mindfulness makeover from

[13:48] Tips for parents when creating space for their kids

[19:36] How temperature affects learning

[22:14] Magalie share how she got into a school and transformed their space

Get connected with Magalie through www.magaliereneheyes.com or www.kidsmartspaces.com

[29:59] Get to know about Magalies first book

[31:06] Magalies tips of advice