035 – Making Nutrition Fun

Jen Zils is a wife, mom of three and certified health coach. After 19 years working in corporate America, she stepped away to become a stay at home. Her journey as a working mom turned stay at home mom slowly led her to passion, helping busy moms raise healthy families. As the founder of Kids Eat Vegetables, her proven strategies have helped hundreds of families improve their health and eat more vegetables.

Jen lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Conrad and three children ages 11,7,and 5. When she’s not carpooling kids to actives she can be found in her kitchen testing recipes and enjoying a cup of tea.

[3:03] Story how Yong and Jen Connected

[3:50] Why Jen created KidEatVegetables.com

[7:11] Why nutrition so important for kids

[9:19] How can parents make some better choices

[12:30] How to create a meal plan.

[13:50] How Jen overcame setback on the road to healthy eating

[16:34] How eating better has changed the way Jen parents

[18:32] How to overcome junk food

[20:48] How to get kids to drink water

[22:55] How good nutrition benefits dancers and athletes

[25:39] How good nutrition and the arts are alike

[26:47] Online tools to learn more about nutrition.

[28:54] Sharing a success story for coaching clients

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