Overwhelmed by the technology needed to run your arts-based business in this digital world?

I can help and wanna let you in on a little secret…I love technology and I am a do it yourselfer, mostly out of necessity.

As business owners, we often wear many hats – teacher, janitor, social media strategist, website designer, and the list goes of to-dos goes on for days, night, and into weekends.

When I first started my business, I knew I needed a website and I had absolutely no idea where to begin. At the time, the thought of learning to build a website solo was completely overwhelming.

Like many new business owners, I found a local company and had them build me a website…and the best part…it was going to cost me a lot of (non-existent) money.

After a lot of internal debate, I came to realize adding my business to the world wide web was in the expense as an investment and hired the local company.

While I had a basic idea of what I thought I needed, I had absolutely no idea what to ask for during our initial consultation, and took their recommendations.

How does this story turn out you may wonder? Well, I ended up with a functional, okay looking website that I couldn’t even edit myself. Every time I needed something changed, added, deleted, I had to email or call them about any changes. Timeliness? Non-existent. Snow day cancellation? It might show up in a few days or a week.

What happened next in the website saga?

I began my very long search for tools and resources to help me build my own website. I watched literally hundreds of hours of tutorials in the process. Slowly but surely, these tutorials along with lots (and lots, and lots and lots) of trial and error, I was able to build my very own website.

After I build my first website, I kept researching. I knew there had to be a better, easier way. Since then, I’ve created multiple versions of my website and have added numerous tech skills along the way. Here are some of the skills I’ve learned:

  • Connector.

    Creating Landing Pages

  • Connector.

    Automating emails using numerous service providers

  • Connector.

    Writing Email Copy for Prospects and Clients

  • Connector.

    Generating and Installing Facebook Pixels

  • Connector.

    Adding a blog to your website to increase traffic

  • Connector.

    Building a WordPress Website

  • Connector.

    Strategizing and Implementing Sales Funnels

  • Connector.

    Designing Stunning Graphics with Canva

  • Connector.

    Consistently adding valuable content on social media

  • Connector.

    Hiring a Virtual Assistant on a Budget

Maybe you just need to off-load some of your low value admin tasks like creating forms, editing your documents, posting to social media. Hiring a Virtual Assitant (VA) may be your ticket to regaining some of your most precious asset, TIME.

Even if you don’t want to tackle the tech and do it all yourself, you don’t have to. I do believe, however, that gaining even a basic understanding of tech, is the very best way to hire and train the right staff whether in house or abroad. Just like it would be hard to build a house without a blueprint, so, too, is delegating tech without a plan and an understanding of what you need done.

Now you have a decision to make.

If the thought of creating landing pages, loading content into your email service provider, crafting follow up emails, and Facebook pixels makes you want to run the other way, or maybe a Virtual Assistant is what you need, you can continue to go it alone and waste lots of time on tutorials along with trial and error, and just ignore it completely (which I don’t advise).

I have a better suggestion. Let me help you get a handle on your tech and take back control of your digital assets to share your story authentically and impact more lives through the arts.

All sessions are currently ONE on ONE. That means me and you tackling your tech together. To start this adventure with me, click the GREEN BUTTON below to complete your application. Once your application has been reviewed and I think you’d be a good fit, we’ll hop on a 20 min discovery call to make sure we’re a good fit.